About us

Kastone branding strategy framework
Brand philosophy

Brand spirit

Driven by conscience

Provide services by following our conscience

Brand vision

To become a world class exhibition service brand
worthy of clients'trust, respect & recognition

Be reliable to clients, be recognized by consumers and be respectful to our rivals

Core brand value

“Experiential + Practicality”

Create precise and effective marketing value for customers

Brand Mission

Enhance brand experience

Provide heartwarming experience

Brand positioning

An exhibition service expert prioritizes customer's
"Experiential + Practicality" satisfaction.

Our advantages
We know marketing well, we emphasize effectiveness,
we deliver quality and we execute preciseness.

Benefit of customers

Intensive experience, high effectiveness
high quality and heartfelt service

Thoroughly understand the lifestyle and consumption
trends of customers that are targeted by each brand

Brand personalities

Honest, intelligent
Persistent, innovative

Engraving a friendly and reliable personified brand image

Brand drivers

Three drivers:
Creative, innovative and systematic

Attain qualitative, effective and satisfactory deliveries