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2021 Tmall Premium High-end Home Appliances Expo (Autumn)

Zhengzhou, Jinan and Changsha

Client: Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd.

Work: whole case, design, construction

Project Time2021-10



Tmall High-end Home Appliances Expo (Autumn) invites the owners of 5000 stores across the country to participate with the leading enterprises of home appliances. It is the first time to show the ideal living hall of Tmall Youpin, positioning the trend of new consumption functions, aiming to enable more consumers to enjoy the high-quality service and shopping experience brought by Tmall Youpin.



As a large-scale event of the exhibition, Kastone guarantees the order of the conference for customers, implementing more than 1000 square meters of Tmall brand special decoration and display, better interpreting the brand image, serving more than 90 exhibitors and more than 5000 distributors. During the preparation period of less than 23 days, it successfully landed in three venues nationwide in the same period. Responded to high-frequency temporary needs, served more than 7000 participants, and was unanimously recognized by the customer team.