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2022 Tmall Premium HAE Conference


Client: Zhangjiakou Tmall E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Work: conference operation, special decoration design, construction and main field management

Project Time2022-05


The 2022 HAE (English full name) conference lasted for three days, with six sessions and more than 1500 participants. Special decoration design and construction of 500  Tmall Premium Electrical Appliance Experience Store, more than 30 brands service, and thousands of square meters management.


At the same time, the project will carry out 1 main venue plus 13 sub-venues, radiating all over the country, reaching more than 100000 flow. Around the HAE brand concept, the venue creates an immersive experience for the audience.

It gathers more than 30 brands to build electrical experience stores, combines product customization with digital interaction, enhances the vivid experience of household appliances scenes, and adds new power to HAE's brand communication.