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2022 《Romance Of The Three Kingdoms · Strategic Edition》OPPO Carnival

Daqianli, Baoan, Shenzhen

Client: Guangzhou Lingxi Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Wholly acquired by Alibaba in 2017)

Work: scheme design and planning, operation, material coordination

Project Time2022-7


Romance Of The Three Kingdoms・Strategy Editioncooperate with OPPO to formulate the theme of the event in the direction of youth and fashion trends, held the first flash event of the Three Kingdoms, designed related interactions around their theme "BAI", created topics and activated the resonance and participation of regional users.


Around the design and planning of【city characteristics X three kingdoms, combined with catchwords to create related topics and marketing communication, to give users positive brand awareness, and to bring good positive effect for the brand side, the two-day event attracted more than 6000 audiences to participate, and drained 80% flow of people for OPPO stores.