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2022 《Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, Meet in Lingnan》Huawei Event

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

Client: Guangzhou Lingxi Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Wholly acquired by Alibaba in 2017)

Work: scheme design and planning, operation, material coordination

Project Time2022-8


The online and offline activities of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition and Huawei Game Center, with the overall direction of "gathering of heroes, meeting the national style", will deeply integrate game promotion and interaction to create a "summer market" that young people like.



Online preheating communication + offline worthy location interaction, through twisting eggs, tattoo painting, graffiti, answering questions, treasure hunting, script killing and other play content on site, and through the wechat moment, weibo, large screen display, dancer parade, TikTok short video and other different ways to guide the dissemination of the game, to ensure the activity guidance and dissemination effect.

More than 1000 people are participating every day, and very lively effect on site.